"Beautiful, magical, original"
Mary Ishimoto Morris, The Washington Post

"Magnificent singer/songwriter/keyboardist"
Peter Quinones, Editor, Alternative World Fanzine

"a gifted musician with a lovely voice"
The Eclectic Collection: A Celebration of Women in Music

"accomplished, amazing, and really going places"
Larry Wines, Tied to The Tracks Radio, Acoustic Americana Music Guide

"(her) strength and vulnerability are truly compelling"
Annette Conlon, Nette Radio

"full of dark, quirky and experimental sounds and complex lyrics"
Pete Harris, Indie Sounds NY / Harris Radio

"a wicked piano player and a fantastic songwriter"
Drew Brody, Baskethouse, M-Lab

After The Fall EP - "lyrically great"
Mark Hudson, Multi-Platinum Hit Producer/Songwriter (Hudson Bros., Ringo Starr, Aerosmith)

MARY (her story)
"Even before I digested the newest creation by Amy Clarke, I had, as is my wont, to figure out the intricacies of the lyrics. Mary is certainly the archetype of a fully conscious that in fact belongs in the history books... Mary is that woman who sought divine inspiration, coded words and feelings in thought, with such depth that no one could truly understand.....but all shall be revealed...just as pieces of Atlantis burst forth at the most opportune time. Using the classic rock motif, Amy seeks the archetype further, and believes in her. A snippet of this story is what's presented..."
Dan Herman, Radio Crystal Blue

"From Here is brilliantly crafted, with a tag and melody that haunt you...the story draws you in immediately...
with vocal stylings and dynamics that hold back just enough to keep you hanging on every word...
this defines a new phase of Amy as an artist, starting right "From Here".
Lorraine Ferro, Multi-Platinum Hit Songwriter, Songwriters Hall of Fame, National Academy of Popular Music


beautifully written, superbly arranged, performed and creatively mixed...
Amy is a focused artist with a vision and purpose...
with the artist now working on her first full length cd,
I believe it's just the beginning of a beautiful, poignant and fruitful artist's journey."
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Toni Koch / Songsalive!

"After the Fall is an album that only Amy Clarke could create...every one of the tracks is a bona fide masterpiece.
The singer-songwriter pays tribute to strong, independent women and the men and women who love them, reinforcing the need for love, equality, and tolerance for all. And while promoting these causes, she makes music that sounds really wondrous... A dramatic piano enchantress... As a performer, she could start a revolution..."
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Jed Ryan, PM Entertainment/OUTMusic

Not Your Landscape - "A beautiful piece of music"
Marcy Drexler, NAPM, Smoking Caterpillar, Have Another Hit Music

"After The Fall EP"...a piano infused collection of songs for the serious music aficionado...
Amy's passion really shines on this EP...simply beautiful!"

"Check out Amy Clarke. Her After the Fall EP is amazing. With a commanding voice and striking lyrics, she definitely deserves recognition. Not Your Landscape and January Mourning are just stellar tracks- don't miss out on them."

The Picky Critic,

"One of my new favorite CDs and new artists of the year. After the Fall is honest, touching and very inspiring. A very important album in every way. Every song stands alone. Beautiful voice, incredible compositions and an unforgettably poignant statement of human complexities! Couldn't recommend it enough! Amy is magic!"


"I am very impressed with Amy Clarke! Her EP is full of great songs - Landscape one of her most brilliant songs of all. Her lyrics are in-depth and moving, and the piano accompanied with her (vocals) makes the songs move along beautifully. Her singing above all keeps you hooked. This whole album is full of talent, intelligence, and beauty."

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