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Amy Clarke

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After The Fall EP (2006)


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Produced and recorded in New York,
After The Fall features Amy's signature vocals soaring over both acoustic and electronic arrangements.

"After the Fall is an album that only Amy Clarke could create...every one of the tracks is a bona fide masterpiece. The singer-songwriter pays tribute to strong, independent women and the men and women who love them, reinforcing the need for love, equality, and tolerance for all. And while promoting these causes, she makes music that sounds really, really wondrous... A dramatic piano enchantress... As a performer, she could start a revolution..."
- Jed Ryan, PM Entertainment

"full of dark, quirky and experimental sounds and complex lyrics"
Pete Harris, Indie Sounds NY / Harris Radio

"Magnificent singer/songwriter/keyboardist"
Peter Quinones, Editor, Alternative World Fanzine

"haunting...phenomenal... beautifully written, superbly arranged, performed and creatively mixed... Amy is a focused artist with a vision and purpose... I believe it's just the beginning of a beautiful, poignant and fruitful artist's journey."
Toni K. / Songsalive

Track Listing:
1. After The Fall (Live in NY)
2. Not Your Landscape
3. Wolf
4. January Mourning
5. Fight or Flight

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Physical copies of the EP are available at live shows too!

After The Fall EP

the hunger living among us

Fight or Flight
rise up for your rights

After The Fall (live in NY)
this is an emergency

Not Your Landscape
not without my consent

January Mourning (acoustic)
guess you were the one

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